Fletch Won't Be Rushed

CARL Fletcher has not ruled out doing business before Friday’s transfer-window closes, but will not be rushed into supplementing his squad.

The Argyle manager is prepared to wait, if needs be, to make sure he gets the right person to add to his Pilgrims’ squad.

“We’re still trying,” he said. “The transfer-window closes at 11pm but that’s not such a big issue for us because that’s mainly for people who spend money. It doesn’t make much difference for us.

“It closes for a week then it opens again the following week, regarding loans and free agents. The next couple of days are not such an important time-scale for us.

“We’re not in a rush. We can let it run if we don’t get the people we want.

“Once the window is shut, the Premier League [clubs] and Championship know where they are in terms of their squad, and it filters down the leagues.

Fletch is not a big fan of the transfer window extending into the season, and would prefer all transfer business to be done and dusted before the campaign begins.

He said: “It’s a bit strange, this going on during the season.

“I think it would be ideal if it could get done by the first day of the season. Every club would know where they are. It doesn’t make any sense at all.”