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Evergreen is a subscription Fans Fund that provides the Green Army with a full range of fantastic Argyle benefits, while supporting football operations at Home Park.

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Please note that the Evergreen Season-Ticket discount and free replica shirt benefit for the 2024/25 season expired on Sunday 12 May, 2024. All sign-ups after this date will be able to apply these benefits in the 2025/26 season.

Evergreen members can be the difference in our future success.

The Evergreen Story began with a desire to offer our amazing fanbase a new way to support the club, as we take the next steps in the Argyle ambition to become a sustainable Championship football club.

After the closure of the Big Green Lottery, we have been working behind the scenes to create a unique membership scheme that will give supporters the flexibility to pledge their subscription fee to a chosen football department at Home Park.

If you are a first-time online purchaser for Argyle or having difficulty assigning multiple memberships, we recommend contacting the Evergreen Team on 01752 302208 and we will take you through the initial process.

The normal working hours are 9.30am – 5pm from Monday to Friday, during which time you can also pop into the Evergreen Suite at Home Park (next to the Superstore). Alternatively, email evergreen@pafc.co.uk and we will call back to get you set up as an Evergreen member.

Evergreen members can choose from a selection of subscription packages, including the following:


You can view our membership packages here.



As we all know, Argyle is a unique football club and Evergreen reflects our incredible geographic range of support. As well as providing superb benefits to locally-based supporters, Evergreen provides our international fans and those living in different parts of the UK the chance to pledge their support to the future of Argyle.

The Evergreen scheme is designed to not only bring fresh supporter-driven investment to the club but also to save members money, with a free replica shirt, discounts on season-tickets, Superstore purchases and Argyle TV subscription, as well as a full range of benefits, gifts and prize draws unique to Evergreen.

As an Evergreen member, you can choose from three options to direct your funds: First-Team Operations, Academy and Sports Science. The scheme allows members to direct all of their funds to one department or to split their investment. For example, you could choose 40% First-Team, 30% Academy, 30% Sports Science....the choice is yours.

Each department is generating a wish list of innovations and additions that will help to make the difference in the quest for a bright future at Argyle. How has your Evergreen membership supported football operations at Home Park? Click here to find out.

Become an Evergreen Member and you can learn more about Evergreen by contacting evergreen@pafc.co.uk