Project 35 x Argyle

Project 35

Project 35 is Plymouth Argyle FC's community social impact project for Plymouth, launched in partnership with Ginsters and the Argyle Community Trust.

This is our landmark social action initiative aimed at reducing poverty in Plymouth, through a comprehensive campaign of fund-raising, awareness raising, social outreach, food donations, education, and charity support.

The Project's titular number, 35, represents the percentage of children in Plymouth reported to be living in poverty in some wards of our city, according to the most recent (2019) pre-pandemic data.

For us, Project 35 is not just about raising awareness. It is also about taking action. When Argyle has needed the people of Plymouth to support us, they have done so. Now, in a position of relative strength, the club, in a long-term partnership with Ginsters, will take an active role in supporting those most exposed to poverty.

By partnering with Ginsters - a nationally renowned food business who share Argyle's community- focused values - we can use the power of Argyle, our stakeholders, and the Green Army to deliver a large-scale social impact campaign through the Argyle Community Trust.

A wide range of food poverty initiatives will take place throughout the lifespan of Project 35, including providing free meals for children from deprived areas during school holidays, weekend hampers, and dedicated food appeals at Argyle matches throughout the season, alongside permanent food donation points being introduced at Home Park. In addition, the Project 35 will support families most affected by poverty with additional educational and pastoral care.

Project 35 is a multi-year commitment. Year one focused primarily on food poverty, starting with a pledge from Ginsters to deliver 100,000 free lunches to local children in the 2022/23 season via the Argyle Community Trust, as well as donation of staff time at both Ginsters and Argyle over the course of the Project.

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