The Plan

Project 35 aims to use the power of three partners to make impact on different levels.

By placing the Project on the front of Argyle's first-team, Women's and Academy shirts, Argyle are committed to raising awareness of the reality of the cost of living crisis.

Whether you are one of hundreds of thousands of people attending an Argyle match during the season, or if you're playing as Argyle on the latest game of FIFA, you will see the Project 35 logo. This will be amplified across social media and Home Park. When a member of the Green Army buys a replica shirt, they too are playing their part in raising awareness.

As one of the region's best-known employers, and a nationally-renowned food manufacturer, Ginsters' commitment to Project 35 could not be clearer, with a pledge to donate 100,000 lunches to Plymouth children kicking off the campaign, and both Argyle and Ginsters will provide ongoing operational support to the Argyle Community Trust as they look to enact the Project 35 plan of action, which includes the following touchpoints:

  • Engage with local food banks and provide operational support, ensuring that Project 35 activities do not duplicate workflow and are most impactful
  • Distribute excess food and food donations to local charities, including the Shekinah Mission and the Salvation Army
  • Produce food hampers to meet the needs of families who need support.
  • Engage schools in target areas to provide additional resource, support, and care
  • Deliver community workshops, days of action, and appeal campaigns to raise resources of an identified need
  • Educational workshops and up-skilling to support individuals to overcome food poverty
  • Create networks with local retail outlets to ensure that excess food is collected and redistributed to those in need. Establish these networks on a permanent basis to ensure sustainable practice post-project.
  • Collaborate with housing associations to provide support to those most in need
  • Provide free places on Argyle Community Trust courses for families living in poverty
  • Collaborate with industry leaders in Plymouth to ensure maximum promotion, support, and impact of the¬†project
  • Enhance already existing holiday food programmes, food hamper appeals, fundraising appeals
  • Dedicated charitable action days for employees at Argyle, Ginsters, and the Argyle Community Trust