Pre-pandemic data provided by local authorities suggests that, in certain wards in Plymouth, up to 35% of children in our city are living in poverty.

By launching Project 35, Argyle, Ginsters, and the Argyle Community Trust are committing to increasing public awareness of this crisis. More than that, though, we are committing to working in partnership to become first responders to tackling societal issues - in Plymouth, but also in Devon and Cornwall.

In the spirit of its name, Project 35 will focus on tackling food poverty, as well as fuel poverty, and isolation. Crucially, by delivering our own project, rather than simply donating front of shirt awareness to a charitable cause, Project 35 can respond and react to the dynamic needs of our local community - whether that be pandemic response, food redistribution, or housing and youth support.

Project 35 is a comprehensive action plan, delivered by the Argyle Community Trust, comprising of community days of action, concerted appeal efforts, special community projects and partner initiatives.

Project 35 will also dedicate specific resources to the support of third-party local charitable organisations such as the Shekinah Mission and local food banks.