Project 35 is a 12-month pilot, but the aim is for the campaign to have a lasting legacy in our community.

Argyle, Ginsters and the Argyle Community Trust are three of the most recognised brands in the region. If our region thrives, so do we, and our values are aligned in making Plymouth, Devon and Cornwall a wonderful place to live, where children and families can prosper. 

The Project's two main aims are raise awareness of the reality of poverty in our city, and kickstart the effort to bring poverty figures down. That will be the legacy of Project 35 - and we will continue to engage the community throughout the life-cycle of the project to generate as great an impact as possible.

Already, even at the launch stage, Project 35 has gained traction and support from the local authority and regional business. Together, we can make a huge difference.

For more information on how we will assess and report our impact, visit the Evaluating Success page.