The rationale

Despite the numerous challenges experienced throughout the pandemic and post-pandemic period, Argyle has continued to grow stronger as an organisation - thanks in no small part to the support of our fans, but also the local community and economy.

When Argyle needed the city of Plymouth and people of Devon and Cornwall, the region has supported us. In a position of relative strength, we feel it is now our turn to do the same.

The club had always considered donating our front of shirt sponsorship to a charitable cause for 22/23, whether that was Project 35 or a charitable partner. However, from conversations with long-standing Principal Partner Ginsters and the Argyle Community Trust, we realised there was an opportunity to do something larger and more impactful, with the partners delivering the project in the heart of the community.

With the resources as our disposal - through the reach and local significance of Argyle, the powerhouse national brand of Ginsters, and the tried-and-tested delivery system of the Argyle Community Trust - there is the potential to make huge impact, and leave a lasting legacy.