Paying The Penalty

PENALTIES are a peculiar things; they bring out the best in some, while others struggle under the pressure.

Last year, former Argyle captain Simon Walton was the Pilgrim’s designated penalty taker and, it would be fair to say, he did a good job.

Walts scored six of his seven penalties last year - an 85% conversion rate.

With Simon no longer around, manager Carl Fletcher has a decision to make.

So far, Warren Feeney has scored one and Nick Chadwick has missed one. So who will Fletch call upon this season?

“It depends who’s playing,” he said.

“It’s really whoever wants it the most; who wants to score the most.

“Generally, that’s usually strikers really and I’m happy for them to take it.

“Players tend to sort it themselves.”

Fletch has been in plenty of dressing room’s down the years and admits that while it’s tough to decide who is going to take them, there’s an outcome to suit everybody.

He said: “When I was at West Ham, Marlon Harewood and Teddy Sheringham both wanted to take them.

“When they couldn’t decide, they did it alternatively.

“So that is definitely one way to do it.

“I’m happy to go with whoever wants it the most.”