FES Arrive

The FES Devonport End is taking shape.

This week saw the arrival of sign-writers ASign, who were on site to install the latest piece of the FES jigsaw.

Fans who attend our match against Oxford United in the Johnstone’s Paint Trophy tonight will surely notice the difference in the Home Park line-up.

James Greenacre, Commercial Operations Manager at Plymouth Argyle, was pleased to see the growing partnership between Argyle and FES come to life.

He said “We are delighted that FES have developed their relationship with the Club in this manner, and I am sure that the partnership will continue to go from strength to strength.

“First European Securities join our other key partners such as WH Bond, St. Austell Brewery, Specialist Vehicles, O Publishing and Vision Financial Planning, and it is safe to say that we all share the shame ambition for this great club.

“I’m sure you will all agree with me that the FES Devonport End looks fantastic, and we thank ASign for their assistance and professionalism in installing the new artwork.”

Nik Barron of First European Securities added “First European Securities are so pleased to sponsor the ancestral home of most Plymouth Argyle fans.

“We are aware of the history of this historic piece of Home Park, and whilst we don’t expect every Argyle fan to call it the FES Devonport End, we are pleased to be associated with it through a business partnership with PAFC.

“The new signs you see at the back of the FES Devonport End are an indication of how much the club means to us, and we hope to continue to support Argyle in many other exciting initiatives in the future.”

Nik went on to add “I’d like to thank Ian Newell, who has acted as our agent (unpaid of course) through all our sponsorship initiatives at Home Park and James Greenacre; without these two gentlemen, I doubt, we would have invested so heavily at Home Park in such a short time.”

Supporters tonight will also be able to see the new sponsorship of the vehicle vomitory located in Block 5 of the FES Devonport End, with its tribute to former greats who have pulled on the green of Plymouth Argyle.