Fletch Welcomes DoF

ARGYLE manager Carl Fletcher has welcomed the club’s decision to find a new Director of Football.

Fletch, speaking before Tuesday night’s Johnstone’s Paint Trophy tie with Oxford, believes the move will serve the club well, especially if the successful candidate was someone who shared the same philosophy and approach as himself.

Carl said: “It should be someone who, firstly, wants to be at the football club and, secondly, someone who gets on with the manager.

“You can see, at Exeter City, Steve Perryman and Paul Tisdale get on really well and I don’t think it would work if they didn’t get on.

“There is no point in bringing in someone whose ideals about football are to punt the ball up to the big man and just play from there because that’s not how we want to play football. We want to try and keep the ball on the ground and play when it’s on.

“So, if someone has the same ideals as me, then it will be a benefit.”

Fletcher, who is still in the early stages of his management career, believes that having someone with real footballing experience will help his development and allow him to flourish as a manager.

He said: “There’s been a real lack of football people around the place.

“We’ve got some great people up in the board, but someone with football knowledge has been in real short supply.

“I am still learning and it’s the first club that James Brent has owned, so were both novices and we are learning day to day.

“It’s good if we can get someone with a bit of experience just to be looking over my shoulder, bounce ideas off and help me when I need it.” 

“Obviously the training side of things I really enjoy and don’t have any issues with, but help on things such as off-field budgets and other aspects that I have never dealt with before would be a bonus.

“I just want to learn and it’s important that we get the right person in.”