Become An Argyle Ambassador

We know you love Argyle. And when you love someone or something, don’t you just want the world to know about it?

We want you to share that becoming an official Argyle Ambassador.

We’re looking for Pilgrims to spread the Green gospel at their workplace, school or college, local pub or social club, community centre, cafe, church and corner shop – anywhere where people gather.

When you become an Argyle Ambassador, you will become the club’s official representative for your chosen area of evangelism.

You’ll be responsible for liaising with us to get the Green word out to your community.

As a Pilgrims’ official, you’ll need credentials, and we’ll provide them for you – an exclusive, unique, Argyle Ambassador badge to let the world know who you are, and an introductory letter from Argyle manager Carl Fletcher.

We want Argyle Ambassadors in every nook and cranny of the city of Plymouth, all over the entire Westcountry, and – why not? – anywhere in the world.

We’ll help, of course.

We’ll email you regular details of what we’re up to (as if you wouldn’t already know!)

In fact, as soon as you become an Argyle Ambassador, we’ll send you a poster copy of our 2012-13 fixtures for you to distribute.

We’ll send you personal messages from Carl Fletcher and others at Home Park.

We’ll even let you have special pdf posters that you can print out and pin up on your community noticeboard, and fliers that you can distribute.

In fact, just let us know what support you’d like and we’ll try to help in whatever way we can. We’d welcome your ideas.

So, if you’d like to be an official Argyle Ambassador, drop us an email to, putting ‘I’d Like to be an Argyle Ambassador, please’ in the subject.

Let us know the name of the place where you see your ambassadorial role, and we’ll add it to our list which we’ll publish on the official club website.

Remember, we want ambassadors everywhere in the Westcountry and beyond - the Duke of Devonport High, maybe? The Baron of the Britannia Inn? The Prince of the Pennycross? The Consulate for the Coach and Horses?

Over to you, Pilgrims.