President's Progress 05/07

ARGYLE president Chris Webb gives the latest update on the Plymouth Argyle Supporters' Board.

Following the close of the deadline for nominations to the PASB elections the following candidates have put themselves forward to be part of the first ever PASB.
GENERAL BALLOT (4 places available)
Alan Barry
Miles Bidgood
Jon Back
Mark Edwards
Tony Hooper
Phil Johns
John Petrie
Gary Pollock
Edmund Shillabeer
Jonathan Sparkes
FEMALE CATEGORY (1 place available)
No applicants
UNDER 25 YEARS OLD CATEGORY (1 place available)
No applicants
Supporters will note that there have been 10 applicants to the general ballot which originally had four places allocated to it.
However there have been no applicants to the female or U25 categories. On this basis the General Ballot will now see 10 supporters contest 6 seats.
As detailed in previous communications, Club members will now be able to cast their vote in an election.
Full details of the election timetable, rules and any other factors relating to the PASB Election will be addressed in a statement from the Club which will be published no later than Friday 13th July.
A meeting of the various Argyle Supporters Groups has been scheduled for Saturday 28th July at Home Park.
The aim of this meeting will be to debate and agree the allocation of the 6 supporter's group seats on the PASB. This meeting will be chaired by David Wheeler.
Firstly I would like to thank every candidate in the PASB Election and wish them all the very best of luck. From experience I can say that representing the Green Army is one of the best feelings in the World.
Over the next week or so the process for the election will be communicated by the Club but in the meantime if you have any further questions please send me an email to
The PASB represents a unique opportunity for Argyle Supporters and is one which we must grasp with both hands. Supporters are truly at the heart of our great Club now and the PASB will play a vital part in influencing and shaping the future of Plymouth Argyle.
Chris Webb
Club President