Rhys Talks

ARGYLE manager Carl Fletcher is planning to keep tabs on trialist Rhys Griffiths following his spell at the club.

The 32 year-old Welshman works full time as a fireman, but also plays semi-pro football in the Welsh Premier Division, where for the last seven years, he has been the division’s leading scorer, bagging 180 goals in 181 matches.
Rhys capped off last week’s trial with the only goal of Tuesday night’s 1-0 victory over Truro City and, as a result, Fletch wants to talk to the striker about a potential move.
 “I’ll speak to Rhys in the next couple of days,” said Fletch.
“He’s not here anymore because he’s had to go back to work in Wales because he’s a Fireman, but I’ll speak to him.
Fletch has been suitably impressed by Rhys since his arrival at the club and says there are not many players around with his attributes.
“He’s physical,” he said.
“In a way, he’s your typical target man.
“There aren’t many of them these days and his goal scoring record speaks for itself really; 180 goals in 181 games.
“Whatever league you are in, that is a lot of goals.
“He came in on Tuesday, never looked out of place and in terms of a trialist, he’s come in and shown what he can do.”
With Rhys already having a full time job as a fireman, it might appear that it would be a difficult move for him to make; giving up a stable lifestyle for a shot at professional football.
Fletch, however, thinks any potential move could be very simple.
“I don’t think it would be hard,” he said.
“It’s down to the person and if they want to do it.
“For a lot of people, there is no greater profession than being a professional footballer.
“There are a small amount of people that get a chance to do it and you want people that want that, want to take a risk and prove to themselves and to everyone that they can cut it.”