Kit Of Alright

YOU can put your shirt on us - and help a really deserving cause at the the same time.

We are asking the Green Army to rally round the KitAid charity by digging out their old Argyle replica-kit shirt and donating it to the worthwhile cause.

As an incentive to help KitAid, we are offering a massive £10 discount off the price of this season's Argyle shirt - all sizes - for every old Pilgrims shirt that is handed in.

That makes it a win-win deal: KitAid benefits from your unwanted shirt, and you gain a brand new, bang up-to-date, first-team shirt for a tenner cheaper.

And you feel good in yourself for doing a really great thing.

KitAid is a charity, created in 1998, which donates unwanted football shirts to children and adults across Africa, India, Eastern Europe and other developing countries.

It was set up by Derrick Williams, a passionate football fan and Affinity Water employee, after he visited Tanzania as a volunteer with WaterAid, the water and sanitation development charity that helps people in Africa and Asia, to bring safe, clean, water supplies to their villages.

During the trip, it became evident how much the children (and adults) in Tanzania shared Derrick’s love for football and especially anything to do with the “western” game. 

It was even more evident how little opportunity and equipment they had to develop this passion.  Children often played barefooted with a football made out of tied plastic bags. 

KitAid has grown steadily over the years, from sending one box to a tiny village in Tanzania to, this year, donating 100,000 football kits to children and adults in some of the poorest countries in the World.

Many of these kits have been loved by children and adults in the UK and are now being loved again by people, thousands of miles away, brought together by a passion for football.

“We can guarantee that all donations will be received with big smiles on the faces of children and adults across the world,” said Derrick.

“When we deliver kits to boys and girls in the poor and remote areas, their smiles tell a story of the satisfaction that they can now play with the same ball and dressed in the same kit as everybody else in the World.” 

"The gift of a shirt can also literally double the wardrobe of a child in Africa."

You can hand your Argyle replica kit shirt - any vintage, any condition - in to our Home Park Superstore at any time, and claim your £10 off a new shirt while you are there.

The £10 off offer starts on Thursday, November 1, and we will keep it open for a whole month.

So what are you waiting for?

Search in the celllar, dig around a the back of the wardrobe, rummage through the attic, and find that old shirt; bring it to us; and get your brand, spanking new shirt.

You can read about KitAid at, and follow them on twitter at

The £10 off discount cannot be used in conjunction with any other Superstore offers.