Nice Up North

NEXT week’s northern double header with Fleetwood Town and Bradford City has thrown up all sorts of logistical problems for Carl Fletcher and his team.

The Pilgrims take on Fleetwood at Highbury Stadium on Saturday before a trip to the Coral Windows Stadium to take on Bradford just four days later.

With the prospect of travelling 1,500 miles in less than a week, Fletch has decided that staying in the area is the most sensible option.

“We’re going to Fleetwood on Friday and then after the game, we’re going straight across to Bradford,” explained Fletch.

“We’re training at Guiseley on Monday morning. It isn’t too far from the hotel and apparently they’ve got quite a nice 3G pitch that we can use.

“It’ll be pretty much a normal training session.

“We’re not going to do too much but it’ll be nice to get the lads out there, stretch their legs and give them a feel of the football.”

“[Going up and back] is always on option but you’re looking a minimum of seven hours to Fleetwood, and then probably the same to Bradford and, taking out all the traffic, that’s 28 hours stuck on a coach in a short space of time.

“If it’s Saturday/Saturday, you just have to get on with it but with this, it makes common sense to stay up.”