Pilgrims Seeking Director Of Football

ARGYLE are going to appoint a Director of Football.

The Pilgrims have begun the process of seeking an experienced football person to support manager Carl Fletcher and his coaching team.

The appointment follows a recommendation from new Argyle Director Colin Sexstone, the former Bristol City Chairman and Chief Executive who joined the Pilgrims’ board recently.

Argyle owner and Chairman James Brent said: “Colin was brought to the club for his extensive knowledge of the game.

“He has met with Carl Fletcher and, like the rest of the Board, is very impressed with Carl’s talent and enthusiasm.

“He has also identified – as we already knew – a lack of relative football experience across all areas of the club. It is a reason why we were so eager to bring Colin to the Board.

“We are not talking about pure knowledge; we are talking about the type of football experience that can only be achieved by many years service in the game.

“The Board, and Carl himself, feel the best way to address this area at first-team level is to appoint a Director of Football in a supportive role to the football management team.”

Colin said: “Since my appointment, I have had the chance to get to know the club, including talking with Carl Fletcher, whose passion and commitment for his task are quite striking.

“The club appears to be in pretty good shape after its problems of last year.

“However, as the Board has acknowledged, it does not possess the sort of in-depth football experience which I think can greatly benefit Argyle.

“I believe this can be addressed by appointing a Director of Football, initially until the end of the current season.

“It demonstrates the Board's determination to support the manager, as well the manager's willingness to embrace that support.

“Some of the most successful clubs at home and abroad have employed such a person for many years and we believe that this will become much more prevalent in this country with the onus placed upon clubs to comply with Financial Fair Play directives.

“Argyle are taking an early position on what we think will become a trend in English football to employ a Director of Football, Sporting Director, Technical Director or similar. 

“I am pleased that Carl totally shares the same foresight and welcomes the idea, and he will be a key driver in appointment process.”

Carl Fletcher said: “I welcome the Board’s support, and to playing my part in helping to select the right person for this club.”