Young Young Is Still Young

WHEN Luke Young fired in a powerful shot with 10 minutes to go, it looked like the popular Plymothian had scored a winning goal for his side.

Gillingham’s late equaliser, scored by former Pilgrim Adam Barrett, scuppered Argyle dreams of three points against the league leaders, but it does not mar a very good afternoon for Youngy.

The teenager, who prefers to play in the centre of midfield, started the game on the left side of four in midfield, and migrated to the right after a second half shake-up. In both positions, he was superb.

“I’m pleased for Luke,” said manager Carl Fletcher. “He did well. We had him playing on the left side and the right side.

“He’s only 19. I think everyone thinks that because he’s out there playing week in week out that he’s older than he is, but he’s still only 19. He works hard, and he’s coming on, which is great.”

Completing his first 90 minutes for Argyle was midfielder Jamie Lowry. Injured early on in pre-season, Lowry returned to the match-day squad at Barnet, and has gradually been upping his activity.

After three previous starts, this was the first time he lasted until a game’s conclusion, and it was his best performance in the green and white.

“That’s three games in a week for Jamie. I spoke to him yesterday. We named the team yesterday and he was in it, and he was honest with me, and he said ‘To be honest, I feel knackered’.

“I said ‘we’ll get training out of the way’ – we didn’t do a lot yesterday, it was nice and light – ‘have a sleep and see how you are in the morning.’

“I asked him to be honest with me, which he was yesterday, and he said he felt fine.
“I was really pleased. Jamie gets the ball and keeps it. He reads the game really well. We’re very lucky to have him here.

“When you’re struggling and you’ve been out for a long while, then you play a few games and you’re tired, you get it, try and keep it, then get your breath back really.

“But later on in the game today, the way he read situations and picked up second balls and things like that were really helpful to us as a team.”

Alex MacDonald was someone who missed out on the game entirely. The on-loan attacker was replaced in the first half on Wednesday night after obviously being affected by the death of his grandmother.

This time, Fletch decided that it was best for Alex to clear his head before returning to the side.

“I sent him back,” said Carl, “I took it out of his hands and said ‘you’re going back’. It was the right thing to do.

“It’s not like Plymouth is round the corner from Manchester. I said to get back, be with his family and make sure everything is alright there. I’ll speak to him over the weekend and see how he is getting on. I’ll see him back when he is alright.”