Guy's The Man

GUY Madjo might have scored twice in the Pilgrims’ 3-1 win over Rochdale on Saturday, but it was his unheralded and unselfish support work that won the appreciation of manager Carl Fletcher.

The 28-year-old Cameroonian played vital role in bringing Argyle’s busy midfielders into the match, with Andres Gurrieri scoring and the two penalties that Guy converted being caused by rapid incursions into the opposition penalty area.

Fletch said: “We have got good energy and good legs in midfield, and, to give them the opportunity to be able to express themselves, [the ball] needs to be held up. Guy gives us that option.

“Last year, we were great, defensively, but we couldn’t pass for toffee which, in turn, didn’t create a lot of chances for us. It was needs must.

“This year, we wanted to look after the football more. If you keep the ball better, you are, in turn, going to give more time to get players into the box, move defenders around, and create holes.

“If you can keep possession and know your game-plan when you have the ball, you create more chances for yourself.”

Create panic in the opposition penalty area, too – Guy’s spot-kick double on Saturday came from the sixth and seventh penalty awards for the Pilgrims this season. All but one has been converted.

“We have got some good, tricky, players who are quick with their feet, sharp and technically good,” said Fletch.

“It’s just the way things go; if [penalties] keep coming our way, we will keep taking them.”