Representing Argyle

WE have been very excited by the response to our search for Argyle Ambassadors.

As a result of your interest, the Green Army now has nearly 50 official Argyle Ambassadors, in areas that extend from our city, around the Westcountry coastline, through the rest of the nation, and to many countries worldwide.

From Plymouth to New Zealand and Australia to Johannesburg, Barbados, Portugal and the United States, our fans have risen to the occasion.

These Pilgrims are now poised to spread Argyle love, news and exclusive content to anyone and everyone who they come across in their chosen ambassadorial area.

This week, we have sent them a certificate signed by Carl Fletcher, as well as a personal welcome letter from the gaffer, and a poster copy of our upcoming fixtures for distribution.

All of the Argyle Ambassadors will be a visible and approachable part of our club, and responsible for liaising with us to get the Green word out to their community.

Whether walking to work, leaving a lecture, congregating at the pub, or wherever they are, an Argyle Ambassador will be easy to find by looking for their official ambassador lapel badge.

If you come across an Argyle Ambassador, stop and speak with them. They may know something unique about current event.

The club will email Argyle Ambassadors regular details of what the club is up to for them to share and distribute.

It is not too late to join the voyage and become an Argyle Ambassador.

Anyone who would like to be an official Argyle Ambassador should drop the club an email to, putting ‘I’d like to be an Argyle Ambassador, please’ in the subject line.

They should let the club know the name of the place where they see their ambassadorial role, and the club will confirm and add it to their list, which they will publish on the official club website.