By The Book

ARGYLE manager Carl Fletcher’s Pilgrims have amassed 12 yellow cards in his last 10 matches, but he will not be losing any sleep over it.

Fletch believes that bookings are part and parcel of today’s game and will not be dictating to his players about how they their make tackles.

“So long as they’re not getting booked for dissent, it is what it is,” said Carl.

“You can’t say to your players ‘you can’t go in for a tackle’ because they make the decisions out on the pitch whether to make a challenge or not.

“In one game, they might get it, save us a goal, get us a goal, or put us on a counter-attack; another week he might just miss it and it’ll be a booking.

“I had the same problem when I played.

“Some players play better when they know that they can’t make that rash challenge or they’ve already had a booking earlier in the game.

“It seems to maybe put a bit more focus into them. But suspensions are part of the game these days.”