Take A Bow, Son

CARL Fletcher had no compunction in throwing new signing Ross Jenkins straight into the Argyle mix, and was rewarded with a goal and a performance that changed the tide at Morecambe.

Ross, 21, scored the 75th-minute goal which sparked a remarkable comeback from 2-0 down with 15 minutes to go into a splendid 3-2 win.

Jenkins arrived in Plymouth on Friday, just in time to say ‘hello’ to his new team-mates and get on the team bus for an eight and half hour journey to the North West.

 “He only trained yesterday but it was a no-brainer – he’s a good player,” Fletch said afterwards. “I thought the energy in midfield today, with Conor [Houirihane] and Ross, Macca [Alex MacDonald] and Andres [Gurrieri], and Paris [Cowan-Hall] when he came on, was really good.

“We found little pockets and were penetrating in certain areas that we were working on.”

That paid off when Paris teed up the new man for a wonderful introduction to the Green Army.

“We were in the ascendancy and just couldn’t get that little break,” said Fletch. “Thankfully for us, Ross stuck it in the top corner, which was nice.

“He played 80 games in the Championship. You don’t do that if you’re no good.

“You could see, today, he likes to tackle; he likes to get on the ball; he’s  a proper midfielder; he’s got a bit of everything. We are very lucky to have him.

“Obviously, Youngy [Luke Young] has been playing recently. He’s only 19 and we are fortunate we can take him out and give him a little breather.”