Winning Nasty

CARL Fletcher is a perfectionist in search of consistency...but would tolerate a Pilgrims’ horror show at Plainmoor on Saturday if it came with a victory.

The Argyle manager viewed last weekend’s first-win-of-the-season 3-2 victory over Northampton as the archetypal game of two halves, although maybe not in the way the Green Army would have thought.

“Last week, we got the three goals in the second half, but we weren’t as in control of the game in the second half as we were in the first half,” he said.

“In the first half, Northampton pretty much had one shot and scored one goal. We were not where we wanted to be in terms of pace, tempo, and moving the ball around, but, in terms of controlling the game, we were.

“In the second half, it was the other way round, but we got the three goals.

“You try to do the right things in every game you play, and sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.

“You have just got to keep believing in what you are trying to do and trying to achieve, and keep pushing forward.

“If you can get that and get consistency, that’s great, but I think everyone would take bad performances and three points.”