President's Progress 26/04

ONE Boxing Day as a child, I clearly remember my dad telling mum that he was popping out for a bag of sugar. He returned 14 hours later after following Argyle away.

This Saturday, it is time for the Green Army to pop out for some sugar, walk the dog, or do whatever is needed to get you up to Rochdale for the most important game in the club’s history.

Since ‘Big for Barnet, we have seen followings, both home and away, befitting a club in the Championship, rather than the bottom of League 2.

It is no coincidence that this has been accompanied by a run of form that has matched the teams vying for promotion. Fantastic memories such as the victory over arch rivals Exeter has lifted everyone connected to Argyle as, for the first time in a number of years, we are going toe to toe with every team that we face.

Saturday is set to be an occasion to remember and one that you will not want to miss. Sixteen coaches are already filled, and fans are travelling by air and train as the Green Army gets set to invade the North West. I have taken a call from a supporter who is flying in from Africa just for this game.

On top of this, the Argyle squad have clubbed together to pay for an additional coach to enable fans to get to the match. In an era where players get a lot of abuse for being mercenary and not respecting supporters, this shows what a fine bunch of individuals we have at our club.

There is so much at stake on Saturday that, at times, it is hard to think of anything else. This club is in the blood of so many of us but also has a huge impact on the city’s businesses and future. When Argyle do well, Plymouth does well.

Now, more than ever, the club needs your support. Politicians should make every effort to travel on Saturday to support their city; occasional Greens should travel on Saturday to help protect a club that has given us all so much joy over the years; ardent Greens should travel on Saturday because it is our club. It is our identity and it is all we know at stake.

Real Madrid took 500 fans to Barcelona recently. On Saturday, Plymouth Argyle Football Club, battling for survival in League 2, will take thousands of supporters away in a show of faith, belief, loyalty and pride.

Get on the train, book on the coach, rev up the car engine or hitch a lift with a friend. This is going to be a day of epic proportions, a day that I firmly believe we will all look back on as the turning-point in our magnificent club’s history.

Ten years ago this season, Swansea City survived on the final day of season. The dream is alive.

As I finish this note I feel emotional. This is not out of fear or worry, but of immense pride. I am proud to be associated with the greatest club and fans in the country.

See you on Saturday.

Chris Webb
Club President