Saturday's Ready Reckoner

WE will stay in the Football League at Rochdale if:

•    We win

•    We draw

•    We lose by any score and one of the following six other outcomes occurs:

1.    Dagenham & Redbridge win at home to York City and the combined margin of Rochdale’s win over us and Dagenham & Redbridge’s win over York is less than or equal to four goals (e.g. D&R win 1-0 and Argyle lose 3-0);

2.    Dagenham & Redbridge lose at home to York City;

3.    Wimbledon lose at home to Fleetwood;

4.    Wimbledon draw at home to Fleetwood;

5.    Barnet lose away at Northampton;

6.    Torquay United lose at home to Bristol Rovers by two goals more than we lose by.

If any of 1, 2, 3, 4 and 6 do not occur and Barnet draw, we will still stay in the Football League if:

•    We lose by any single-goal result and Barnet draw (any score);

•    We lose 3-1 and Barnet draw 0-0. In this case, both teams will be level on points, goals scored and goals conceded. Position will be determined by head-to-head results between the two sides this season, and we will finish above Barnet because of wins in both matches against them.

•    We score two more goals in a two-goal defeat than Barnet score in a draw: i.e. Barnet draw 0-0, we lose 2-4; Barnet draw 1-1, we lose 3-5; Barnet draw 3-3, we lose 4-6, etc.

If any of 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 do not happen and Torquay lose by only one goal more than we lose by, we will still stay in the Football League if:

•    We score six or more goals in losing.