Berry Good

JOHN Sheridan is not typically one for singling out his players for specific criticism or praise, but he bucked that trend after seeing Argyle fall to a third defeat of the season against Fleetwood.

Durrell Berry has played all 300 minutes of Argyle’s season, and the manager declared himself to be very pleased with his right-back’s contribution thus far.

“Durrell has started the season really well,” said John, after the 2-0- home defeat. “I’ll pick him out, which I don’t usually do, but he is the one that is playing at a level which I expect the other players to be doing.

“He’s on the front foot; he’s doing his job; and is in people’s faces. He’s played against their best player [Junior Brown] today and he’s kept him quiet. He’s done his job, and that’s what I expect. That’s what he has done in every game he has played.

“Even at Southend, where there weren’t many plusses, I think he was one of them. He’s giving me a seven or eight out of ten, and I need six of seven of them. If we do that, we’ll pick results up.”