Just Getting Started

ARGYLE match-winner Reuben Reid believes that the two goals and two assists that his strike partnership with Marvin Morgan has yielded...

...in the Pilgrims’ last two matches is merely a foretaste of greater things to come.

A week after the two Pilgrims bullied Cheltenham into conceding three first-half goals at Whaddon Road, Reuben netted the winner in the follow-up home 1-0 victory over Rochdale.

It came from a sweetly-struck 25th-minute penalty after Marvin had been fouled by Dale goalkeeper Josh Lillis.

Reuben said: “A lot have people have said already that we are a threat at this level, but I don’t think we have even got started yet.

“Physically, we have been good, and at running, but I can’t wait until we get that bit of understanding where we’re passing well to each other; he’s dropping [the ball] to me and I’m slipping him in; and vice versa.

“Then we could really be a force as long as we can both stay fit.

“As a striker at this level, it is nice to have a partner with you; if you are not going to be a passing team and play football, you are going to need someone next to you, sharing the bulk of the...I don’t want to say ‘donkey-work’ but, effectively, that’s what it is, really.

“When it’s just you up there, it’s like you are a lone ranger, so it’s nice to have someone next to you who is obviously a willing runner and physical, as well. Then things open up for you and you have a lot more space to play.”

After losing their first two games at Southend and at home to Fleetwood, Argyle are up to ninth in league following their back-to-back wins.

Now their sights are on making it a hat-trick when they travel to Morecambe on the lat Saturday in August.

“With the players that had come in and the way pre-season went, we were really disappointed with the results at Southend and Fleetwood,” said Reuben. “Not just the results – I personally thought that the way we played at Southend was abysmal.

“It’s always a long week after a loss and it’s not a nice feeling, so it’ll be good to go into this week, knowing you have won.

“Hopefully we can build on that, have a good week’s training – everyone’s spirits are high – ad get ready for Morecambe.”