PASB Statement 06/08

THE Plymouth Argyle Supporters Board is urging city councillors to support the Pilgrims’ plans for a new main grandstand at Home Park.

The proposals for the grandstand have been submitted to Plymouth City planners as part of an ambitious wider £50m scheme for Higher Home Park which includes an ice rink, a ten-screen cinema, a hotel, and shops and restaurants.

That also provides for significant investment of more than £1.1m to make improvements to Central Park.

The PASB have issued a statement from chairman Edmund Shillabeer ahead of a crucial Planning Committee meeting on August 15, urging “all councillors on Plymouth City Council to support our football club.”

The full statement reads:

“The Plymouth Argyle Supporters Board welcomes the decision to replace the existing grandstand at Home Park as part of the redevelopment of Higher Home Park. The PASB represents supporters from all sections of the fan base, both organised groups and individual members.

“We welcome the fact that the new stand will be financed from the other developments at Higher Home Park and at “no cost”, and, therefore, no debt, to the football club or the city.

“We acknowledge that many fans would have liked a larger stand built, as would we; but we see the grandstand development as of critical importance to the future financial stability of our beloved Argyle.

“This is why, on August 15, we urge the Planning Committee and all councillors on Plymouth City Council to support our football club. Despite our recent troubles, Plymouth Argyle is still the city’s major brand. It is about time our stadium was completed – and without a single penny of Council Tax payers’ money.

“When people say “Not now, later”, we say “The Time is Now.”

“Let’s finish the job.

“Edmund Shillabeer, Chairman PASB”