Ahead of the Game

ARGYLE are leading the way in nutrition and science with a new vitamin and supplement sponsor that is giving the side a boost.

Following Argyle’s link up with Plymouth-based sports-testing company Knight Scientific, vitamin and supplement supplier BioCare decided they too wanted to give the Argyle players an extra edge.

The Pilgrims have been using the ‘ABEL Sport Test’, developed in Plymouth by Knight Scientific to give them edge for over ten weeks now.

The test takes a small blood sample from a player via a prick-test and can help predict overtraining, a dangerous condition in which a player might train too hard without giving the body enough chance to recover, resulting in illness or injury.

Argyles’ Performance Manager John Harbin called it a ‘Godsend’.

"The ABEL-Sport test can show me when a player's heading towards overtraining, before it happens, so I can adjust what he's doing in the gym or the pool and keep him in match-fit condition” said John.

Already the envy of Premier League clubs with the ABEL-Sport test, now Argyle is receiving the best in nutritional support with BioCare supplying free vitamins, supplements and dietary advice to the players.

John said: "We're very fortunate to have the best overtraining and infection-detection tests in the world at our disposal, and BioCare's generosity means our players now have world-class nutritional support on tap, too.”

Knight Scientific arranged for John and the players to have a private session with BioCare nutritional consultant Mike Wakeman to discuss how vitamins and supplements could contribute to the fitness optimisation programme that John is championing.

"Although the club already provides the players with good nutrition, there are always circumstances in which the right supplements can make a difference," said Mr Wakeman.
The supplements and vitamins BioCare is supplying are designed to help the players maintain full fitness and support their immunity - and they are also certified as safe for the team to use.
BioCare is one of the few suppliers able to guarantee that any vitamins or supplements it gives the players meet the strict standards of the World Anti-Doping Agency, WADA. 

John, widely renowned as one of the best coaches in football, has been tweaking the player’s training regimes in light of this new scientific support.

"This all adds more power to our elbow," said John.

"I'm confident that the support we're getting from Knight Scientific and BioCare will help us improve and maintain fitness, reduce injuries, and send our players on to the pitch in the best possible condition to win."