Going Hand In Hand

POINTS and performances. Sometimes the two just never quite go hand in hand.

But as long as picking up the former is a constant, Argyle manager John Sheridan can wait for the latter.

“At previous clubs I’ve managed, I do like to play attractive football,” said John.

“I think, with what’s at stake, sometime you have to sacrifice [performance] and that’s what I’ll settle for if we’re going to get the points.

“Everyone knows that I’d like us to play better. I’m trying to preach that into the players as to how we want to play and hopefully it’ll come because I think they are improving a little bit.

“We know our ball retention has got to be a lot better so I want us to improve on that.

“I think we’re working hard for each other and we know what’s at stake; we want to stay in the division.

“I don’t think it’s the time to go out and play flowing, attractive football because of our position.

“I could be sat here next week and we’ve played the best we’ve played this season and have nothing from the game so it works both ways and the main thing is getting points.”