GTs Back The Academy

THE Green Taverners have joined forces with the Pilgrims to ensure that Kevin Hodges’ Academy Team will compete in this years prestigious Milk Cup.

The Milk Cup is an important tournament for players aged between 13 and 15 and will be held in Northern Ireland, from July 27 to August 3.

The Academy missed out on last years tournament due to being in administration and are keen to again compete with the likes of Everton, Liverpool and Swindon to name a few.

Gary McGuire of the Green Taverners said:“It’s great to be involved with this project working closely with the club, the Argyle Foundation and local businesses.
“We as a committee will work hard to raise the necessary funds (c £15,000 - £20,000) to ensure that the Academy players get similar backing as others teams competing.

“This will in no way detract from the Green Taverners primary function of accelerating staff payments and will be kept totally separate.
“PAFC Youth, Academy along with other community projects are areas where we envisage the G.T.s concentrating once the staff accelerated payments are complete”.

Kevin Hodges Argyle Academy Manager added: “It was very disappointing that some of the schoolboys missed the opportunity last year and that I am delighted that the Green Taverners have agreed to fund raise to enable our schoolboys to return to Northern Ireland this summer.
“I have taken squads across to the Milk Cup and it is a fantastic opportunity for the players to compete against some very big clubs.

“The boys stay in a hotel/guest house, train and play in a fixture every day. It’s a really good experience for them to appreciate how demanding training and playing every day can be as well as having the experience of being away from home.

“We ensure they are eating at the correct times and that they recover correctly after each match. I know the boys who have participated in the past have thoroughly enjoyed the week and it has been an integral part of their all-round development.”

The Argyle Foundation, the club’s lottery system that donates a substantial figure to the Academy every year, is also helping to fund the trip.

Foundation Administrator Carl Winson said: “In recent weeks we have been able to commit substantial monies to start the ball rolling in getting the lads to a great tournament, and help develop their careers by backing the committee.

“The Argyle Foundation can help the youth system grow and have solid foundations to produce great young talent in the future.”

Argyle chairman James Brent added: “On behalf of the club, I would thank the GT's for their continued support.

“Our community and youth sit at the heart of PAFC and we are delighted with that, with the GT's, the Green Army's and local business' help, our talented youth will play once more in this prestigious competition.”

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