Attack, Attack, Attack

ONE thing is for sure – John Sheridan is not going to die wondering.

The new Argyle manager has shown his players his plans for keeping them in the Football League, and one word features prominently: attack.

Executing those plans starts this Saturday afternoon, when John makes his Home Park managerial bow.

“We’re at home and we’re going to take the game to Morecambe,” said John.

“Every game we play at home, we are going to play an attacking formation and we are going to try to win the game. We have to do that.

“At the same time, I am not stupid and naive – we have to be careful and not leave ourselves open.

“But I want players to go out and be positive and don’t be frightened about making a mistake. I’d rather see a player try to do the right thing and make a mistake, and carry on doing that.

“You expect to hear the odd noise if you do make a mistake, but as long as I see they are trying to do the right thing, it won’t bother me.”

“It’s important that we’ll be positive and concentrate on what is going to make us, hopefully, win the game.”