'Griff Can Go'

ARGYLE manager John Sheridan has told forward Rhys Griffiths that he can leave Home Park.

The former League of Wales golden boot winner, who signed for the Pilgrims in the summer, will now be allowed to move on if he can find another club.
John said: “I’ve spoken to Rhys.
“Rhys is at the age of 32; he’s come from non-league; and he’s had an opportunity here under a previous manager. I look for different strikers.
“I was just honest with Rhys and I explained to him that I won’t stand in the way of another club, or he can find football elsewhere, because I’m going to look at other things and I’m going to go the way I think will hopefully get us out of the position we’re in.
“That’s just being honest, more than anything else.
“Hopefully it will give him the opportunity and enough time to look for football elsewhere.
“It’s not nice for me to tell someone that they’re not really needed. That’s something I don’t like doing.
“It’s not nice for anybody and I don’t think any person wants to hear that.
“He took it well. Hopefully he’ll understand and he’ll get somewhere that will benefit him, and he’ll get more football than he would here.”