Help The Argyle Five

FIVE members of the Green Army are set to embark on the challenge of a lifetime in a bid to raise much needed funds for St Luke’s Hospice.

The five, including club president Chris Webb, will attempt to scale Mount Kilimanjaro, the World’s tallest free standing mountain, in March.

Alongside Chris will be Mike Newell, Alastair Sinclair, Anthony Bouch and Andrew Hatch.

The lads are looking forward to the event with a mix of fear and excitement as the date draws ever nearer.

Chris said: “This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to raise money for a cause that has touched the hearts of so many people in the South West and beyond.

“With that motivation in our minds any fears or doubts have been firmly cast aside”.

The lads can be seen out and about in the city training for the big event and you can support them and St Lukes by donating at