Honesty The Best Policy

AS everybody knows, honesty is nearly always the best policy and Argyle manager John Sheridan’s mantra is no different.

Winger Joe Lennox left the club this week after his contract, which runs out at the end of January, was not renewed. Whilst John never relishes telling a player that he is not needed, sometime it is the best option.

He said: “I’ve got players who can play in Joe’s position and I’m one of those managers who would rather be honest with people when they’re not really going to figure.

“It’s for their benefit, more than mine, that I’m honest with them and give them the opportunity to go and play football somewhere else.

“I’ve always said before that it’s a case of proving a manager wrong and I’m hoping that’s what he does.

“But I’m just being honest, I’ve got a lot of bodies in the areas where Joe probably would have filled.”