ROMAIN Larrieu and Kevin Nancekivell have no doubts that the Argyle players will not suffer any aftershocks from the club’s change of management this week.

Ro and Nance have stepped up to take charge of the team for Saturday’s visit to Port Vale following the decision earlier this week to part company with Carl Fletcher.

“They are professionals – it’s in their job title – so they have got to just forget the past,” said Ro.

“It will happen to them again in their career – it’s happened to me.

“It’s not a nice moment when the manager goes, but you can’t feel sorry for yourself. You have got to get up and fight because our position in the league needs sorting out.”

The responsibility has passed on, so is the pressure passed on with it?

“There’s pressure every week – we’re getting used to that.” said Kevin. “The main thing is that the lads don’t feel any pressure when they go put ready to perform, and they know their jobs.

“They will do their best; they will be well prepared. The club will be well looked after and we’ll be fine.”