Sheridan's Training Mantra

‘WORK hard and enjoy yourselves’ – that was the message John Sheridan gave to his players before they began their first training session under the new chief Pilgrim.

John said: “I like my players to enjoy their football, first and foremost – it’s a privilege to be a footballer – and I want them to be successful. If you are winning, it’s even better.

“I try and install that in my players.”

John represented the Republic of Ireland nearly 40 times and played at the highest level domestically as a creative and combative midfielder. He brings both elements of his playing career to his coaching.

“I’m very football orientated,” he said.

“I always say players play at this level for a reason, so, to improve, they have got to listen and learn.

“I’ve played at a high level with some very good players so, hopefully, I can bring that experience to the players here.

“I like players to come in and work hard. They don’t work for too long, but when they are working, I like them to, as I say, enjoy it but, at the same time, do things properly.

“If they don’t, I’m the type of manager who will let them know.

“At the same time, if I see them doing the right things, they will enjoy working for me.

“I’ve just got to believe that the things I do will be successful. That’s all I can do.”