The Kids Are Alright

THERE are currently nine graduates of the Pilgrims’ highly-successful youth set-up in the first-team squad and that is a trend that Argyle manager John Sheridan is keen to continue.

“I like young players being involved in and around the first team because it’s the only way that they’re going to learn,” said John.

“Then, hopefully, they pick up good ideas and some of the older pros whisper in their ears and give them a little bit of knowledge on how to train.

“I’m all for younger players. I’ve even said to [head of youth] Kevin Hodges, that the youth team will train with the first-team on some days. I’ve always done that.

“There’ no bigger lift for young player than being around the first team and doing something good, so they need to be around.”

Several of the club’s young professionals played as an Argyle XI thrashed the Nike Academy 7-0 at Home Park on Wednesday in a friendly, the likes of which John hopes to see more of.

“I could see yesterday that one or two of them have got something about them,” he said, “but for them to have only played three or four games at this stage of the’s not going to do their careers any good.

“I couldn’t believe that when I spoke to some of the young players that they’d only played two of three games.

“I think it’s ridiculous for lads who are trying to impress and improve.”