'He's A Goalscorer' Says Shez

JOHN Sheridan believes Marvin Morgan will be a big player for the Pilgrims, and not just because he is 6ft 4in.

Forward Marvin, 30, has come to Home Park on a two-year deal after leaving League 1 Shrewsbury Town, despite receiving offers from clubs higher up the league.

John said: “He’ll be a big player for us and I am very pleased to get him.

“There were other clubs after him, and he’s looked at Plymouth and his other options, and chosen Plymouth, which I’m very pleased about.

“He’s not just a big, tall striker – he’s a good player.

“First and foremost, he’s done very well in this division when he’s played for Shrewsbury and Aldershot. He’s scored goals.

“He gives us something different. He plays lots of games, so you get value for money, and I think he’s a really good addition to what we’ve already got.

“He’s got a bit of experience. He does score a goal, but he also makes his presence felt – he’s big, he’s quick and, like I say, he’s a bit different to what we’ve got in Reuben [Reid], Lewi [Lewis Alessandra] and we’ll possibly add another attack-minded player.”

Marvin came late the to the Football League after working his way up the ladder, signing for Aldershot in 2008, when he came across John’s assistant at Argyle, Gary Owers.

“Gary’s worked with him, which is a benefit to us,” said John, “and I’ve managed teams when he’s been in the opposition so I know a lot about him myself.

“He’s a good lad, an intelligent lad, who wants to do well and improve even though he’s 30 years old. He played lots of games and I hope he keeps on doing that.”

Despite his qualities, Marvin is not guaranteed a start when the Pilgrims kick-off their League 2 season at Southend on August 3.

“It’s about a squad,” said John. “Players who I am signing have got to work hard to get into the side. I want them to come in and be hungry.

“For the last three or four years, the club has been down at the wrong end of the table. I don’t want that to happen again and I’ll make sure it doesn’t.

“We’re bringing in players who have played at a higher level, who have valuable experience, and have been in successful teams.

“If I can get them all together and working hard, hopefully we’re going the right way.”

Photos by Dave Rowntree, sponsored by the 50-50 Lottery