Luke Relishes Exciting Times

LUKE McCormick believes that the good times are not far away for Argyle and wants to play his part in the revival.

The 29-year-old goalkeeper, back in his second spell at Home Park, watched from a distance as administration and its after-effects took their considerable toll on the club which he first represented between 2001-08.

Now, with a new grandstand in the offing as part of an ambitious wider £50m regeneration of Higher Home Park Plymouth, and manager John Sheridan in charge of team affairs, Luke thinks the Pilgrims are ready to rebound.

“I think it’s an exciting time for the club,” said Luke. “There have been many dark days in recent times but I believe that the buzz that I remember from being here last time – which the club created for the city – and the good times aren’t too far away again.

“It’s had some really, really tough times. I’ve watched from afar, and it hurt, being an ex-player. I’ve spoken to other ex-players who enjoyed successful times at this football club and they’ve said the same. They feel the pain as well.

“With all the development around the ground, I think there’s a team being built now that can equal the facilities that the club is going to deliver.

“The gaffer is installing into us a discipline and mental toughness, standards that we need to set ourselves so we can reach certain achievements this year.

“I set my standards as high as I did last time I was here. In my mind, I believe I am still a Championship goalkeeper. I want to strive to play at higher level and I think that doing it at this club is very achievable.

“Everyone has worked terrifically hard for the three weeks we have been in pre-season. The most noticeable thing I’ve seen here has been the determination and the ambition of a good blend of youth and maturity.

“The kids that we have here are hungry to do well, and the direction that the coaching staff and older players can give them shows a bright future for the football club in that sense.”

Luke is on a one-year contract and wants to perform well enough to be able to clinch a further deal at the club which he clearly regards as home.

He said: “I’ve set myself long and short term goals which I believe are achievable - I’ll let you in on them towards the end of the season. The deciding goal is that I’m still here for next year. That’s quite a big one for me because I want to be part of this football club for as long as I possibly can.

“I’m hungrier than I’ve ever been. I’ve got a point to prove that I didn’t have as much as I did the last time was here – I owe this club for giving me the chance; I’ve got a lot to repay the fans for. I’m determined to make this a success.”