Match Day - Have Your Say

WE are just putting the finishing touches to the Pilgrim match-day programme for 2013-14.

We are also preparing the match-day entertainment for the new season.

We want the Green Army to get involved with us in both, helping each other to make match-day a real interactive experience.

Here is how you can contribute:

•    In celebration of our venerable old grandstand, we would like to hear from you about your ‘Mayflower Memories’ – your reminiscences of the Mayflower Grandstand. Matches, memories, emotions, whatever...just let us know what you remember and love about the grand old grandstand and we’ll publish your recollections every match.

Email them to us at, putting ‘Mayflower Memories’ in the subject line; or send them to Mayflower Memories, Home Park, Plymouth PL2 3DQ. If you’ve got a relevant picture you’d like to send us, too, we’ll gladly take a look at that but – sorry – we cannot guarantee the safe return of photos, so best to send a decent copy.

•    Over the seasons, we asked dozens of our players hundreds of questions. Now it’s your turn. If there’s something you’d like to ask one of our players, let us know and we’ll put it to him on your behalf and print question and answer in the Pilgrim match-day programme. It might be a general question that could be directed towards any of the lads, or a specific query directed towards a named player.

Tweet your questions to @Only1Argyle; email them to us at, putting ‘I’ve Got a Question’ in the subject line; or send them to There Are More Questions Than Answers, Home Park, Plymouth PL2 3DQ.

•    You might not have realised it, but we’ve themed our match-day music over the past few seasons, and we’re going to do the same in 2013-14 – with your help. We’re keeping the theme simple this year: every match will be assigned a letter (or letters) and we’d like your suggestion as to what music to play, with the song-title or artist name corresponding to the game-letter.

So, your suggestions please for first few games, please. That’s: Fleetwood (A), Rochdale (B), Bristol Rovers (C), Wycombe (D), and Acccrington (E).

Tweet your suggestions to @Only1Argyle; email them to us at, putting ‘Match-day Music’ in the subject line; or send them to Hey Mr DJ - Put a Record On, Home Park, Plymouth PL2 3DQ.

•    Finally, we’re titivating the popular Argyle 12 Pilgrim match-day programme page this season to include a Green Army Pic of the Week. Any of the match-day’s featured photos – whether they are of people celebrating a birthday or anniversary, or simply just enjoying being Green – will be eligible to win a prize, which will vary from match to match.

Email your photos to us at, putting ‘Argyle 12’ in the subject line; or send them to Saying Cheese, Home Park, Plymouth PL2 3DQ. Sorry, but we cannot return photos.

We’d love to hear from you, but please bear in mind that we start prepping for match-days a lot earlier than you might imagine. So make sure you get your suggestions, questions and photos to us with plenty of time to spare.

Thanks...and look forward to hearing from you.