Souness' Synopsis

ARGYLE Milk Cup coach Chris Souness praised the Pilgrims' young side after the bounced back from opening day defeat to beat County Fermanagh on Tuesday.

Souness’ beaming face said it all as he spoke after watching his side complete a victory far more comprehensive that the scoreline had suggested.

“We got the response, but first and foremost, the performance was pleasing," explained the popular and long standing Pilgrim’s coach.

"Life is a lot easier in tournament football when you get a win,”

“It makes everything you work on from here on in a little bit easier as people believe more in what you are doing and begin to relax.

"It’s good to get the win and good to get the performance for the lads but in truth, it could have been more as the scoreline doesn’t really reflect how well we played.

"We really learned our lessons from the Strikers game, put a lot of work and effort into last night’s training and made sure this morning that we were ready to go with the right attitude and focus and generally that showed in today’s game.”

Up next for the Pilgrims is the Japanese FA, a side that Souness belives will provide a tough test for the Pilgrims.

He said: “We have been looking forward to this one because I would imagine that they’ll be technically gifted and be able to receive the ball and be comfortable on it.

"That is all the things we do in our games so it might well be a clash of the same technical abilities and that will be a good chance to see how far we have come."