The 'C' Word

IT begins with a ‘C’ and you will hear it said a lot in dressing-rooms up and down the country...

The word is of course, consistency.

The successful teams have it, the less successful teams need it and Argyle manager John Sheridan believes it the difference between first and 24th place in npower League 2.

“I don’t think there’s a lot been the teams,” said John. 

“Just that bit of luck, consistency and someone who’s going to score goals.

“I think Gillingham are playing consistently well and that’s why they’re top of the league. We’re not. 

“We know, on our day, we can beat anyone. And that’s what we’ve got to get in our game – consistency – and if we do that, we can match most teams.

“When you’re at the bottom, you’ve got to play well to win games. 

“Teams at the top can play poorly, but still win games. But when you’re at the bottom, you have to play well and that’s what we’ve got to do. 

“If we play poorly, then usually, we won’t get anything out of the game. We’ve got to go and give our maximum. 

“You always need a little bit of luck. I see goals that are dropping for other teams and hopefully we can get one or two dodgy goals going in for us.”