Bumper Summer Quiz - Day Two

HERE are the next two rounds in the Bumper Summer Quiz.

Today we are looking at former Pilgrims and teams from teams that we have met this season.

Starting from Tuesday, we will post two rounds of 10 questions per day until Saturday, all with different Argyle themes. Today sees rounds three and four.

All the questions are based on this season and all but a small percentage of the answers can be found within the confines of this website.

All you have to do is make a note of the answers and then, at the end of the week, email them to media@pafc.co.uk.

The winner will become the proud owner of this year's Box of Whatever.

The contents of the Box of Whatever are...well, whatever we put into it when we spring-cleaned the Home Park Communications office at the end of last season.

The contents probably redefine the expression 'mixed bag' - there are things to wear; things to look at; things which footballers have scribbled on; old things; new things; and general things. We take no responsibility for what you may find there.

In the unlikely event of no member of the Green Army scoring 100%, the most correct entry will win the Box of Whatever.

The closing date for entries is Wednesday, June 5.

So here we go with the next two rounds...

Round Three – Former Pilgrims

1) Which two former Pilgrims scored thirteen goals between them for a team promoted to the Premier League?

2) And which two former Argyle loan players played for the other Championship promotion side on the final day of the season?

3) Which former Pilgrim played in a major cup final at Wembley?

4) Which former Pilgrim was brought down by Maxime Blanchard, leading to his red card in the final game of the season?

5) Which former Pilgrim did us a favour with a hat-trick against Barnet in March?

6) Which former Pilgrim made his debut for his new club against Argyle on New Year’s Day

7) Which former Pilgrim was sent off and banned for seven games after tripping up a referee?

8) Which two players who had previously played for Argyle’s first team represented Exeter during the season?

9) Which former Pilgrim scored eight goals in 34 appearances for St Johnstone this season?

10) Which former Pilgrim started the season at a Championship side, and finished it scoring goals for a side seeking promotion to The Championship?

Round Four – Name the Team

1) Against whom Argyle scored their first league penalty.

2) Against whom Curtis Nelson played up front for the first time!

3) That scored the most goals against Argyle during the season.

4) That beat Argyle 1-0 twice

5) That failed to score against Argyle in two attempts.

6) Against whom Argyle had their lowest home gate of the league season.

7) Against whom Argyle’s goalscorers came from Africa and South America.

8) That attracted the second highest gate at Home Park.

9) That had a crowd of over 10,000 when Argyle visited them.

10) That Argyle beat thanks to goals from two Irishmen.

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