No Place Like The Hoe

JOHN Sheridan will be spending more and more time in Plymouth as he builds towards mounting a promotion push next season.

John has a wife and three children still living in Leeds, but knows that a Westcountry base for himself will ensure that he is 100% focused on the Pilgrims.

John said: “We know what’s required and my family understand where I am and what I want to do, because that was one of my big concerns, but I’m very happy with the choice that I’ve made.

“I’ve got three children and they’re all teenagers. Your most important thing is your family.

“My wife totally understands – they’re going to come down a lot more for weekends and visits but I’m going to be based here a lot more now. 

“I keep telling my wife how beautiful it is here but my concern and my focus is on Plymouth now and my family understand that.

“There’s no problem – it doesn’t bother me driving from Plymouth to Leeds. I don’t think it’s a distraction whatsoever. But I know that I’ve got to focus and be based here on regular basis and that’s what I’ll be doing.”

”It’s something I had to discuss with them but everyone’s very happy. It’s a great opportunity for me to manage a really big club and I really do believe that we can get out of this league.

“There’s no way we should be where we are. I can do a lot of talking and say the right things but I;m here now, I’ve signed a contract and a lot of people believe in me at this moment in time but now’s when it really starts for me.

“I’ve got to prove myself now and I’m really confident I can do that.”