Chances Are A Fine Thing

THERE are worse habits to get into in football than scoring last minute winning goals.

Ultimately, Argyle boss John Sheridan won’t mind when the goals go in, so long as doing so. Hitting the back of the net have been the constant problem for John and his men this season, but even though Lewis Alessandra’s winner against Northampton came right at the death, the amount of chances that were created before it were heartening.

“We created a lot of chances,” said John, “I thought we played well. We were on the front foot for most of the game, and I think when you do that you take the game to the opposition. I think they had a spell, about five or ten minutes at the start of the second half where we got a little sloppy and Luke's had one or two shots to save, and they've had one or two attempts. But after that, I thought we created lots and lots of chances.
“The pleasing thing is we created a lot more chances at home. We've been creating a lot of chances away from home. I thought today we created a lot chances to the previous games we've played, and thought we had them on the back foot.

“Their keeper's made some outstanding saves, and I think the goal to finish and win the game was an excellent move. An early ball in to the striker which Reuben likes, Reuben's first touch, Lewi, back of the net. Four touches, from three players, between them, and it's in the back of the net.

“(Lewis) was calm, he's picked his spot, a little side footer into the far corner. I think once he missed his chance towards the end I thought 'Oh here we go, 0-0 again', but I'm just really pleased for the players.

“I thought the will to win and the endeavour to really grind it out and get the result and go to the final minute to win the game, and we've done that the last two games. I thought we played a lot better today, and created chances. I thought Jamie Reckord got forward a lot better, I thought Durrell Berry was excellent as well.”

Speaking of Durrell Berry the Argyle right wing-back was asked many questions in a first half that found Argyle facing up to a very strong wind, but he weather storms both actual and metaphorical, and the gaffer thinks that a couple of little moments may have had a bit impact on the game.

“There's one thing I noticed about the game today. Didn't start great, but I don't think Northampton started great either. There were two or three tackles on the right-hand side by Durrell Berry, and I think it just got everyone going. I just felt it got the crowd on our side, and sometimes it's the stupidest little thing that gets you going, and I thought that got us going.”

It did. Now let’s keep it going.