No Certainties

JOHN Sheridan will consider carefully the old saw about never changing a winning team...

...before selecting his 11 starters for Saturday’s Sky Bet League 2 game against Northampton Town at Home Park.

At Mansfield last week, he drafted Curtis Nelson – normally a defender – into central midfield alongside captain Conor Hourihane.

It was a move born more of expediency, given the expected intimidatory tactics of the Stags, than anything else.

“I don’t think he’s a midfield player but he gives you presence, height and physical attributes,” said John. “I see him [in the role] more away from home.

“He’s a totally different player to, say, Youngy [Luke Young] but, when he’s played there, he’s always done alright and we’ve got results.

“When I won the league at Chesterfield, I played certain players at home and I played certain players away, no matter what the results. I might have to change a winning side sometimes, and it wouldn’t bother me.”