Striker Light

JOHN Sheridan’s search for a striker to bring some firepower to Home Park goes on.

A week after being knocked back by one target, the Argyle manager has been pursuing other objectives.

“I’m still talking,” he said, on Thursday, as the Pilgrims built towards Saturday’s Sky Bet League 2 visit of Northampton to Home Park.

“I spoke to another club yesterday. Obviously, the striker I was trying to get last week, the club agreed everything but he felt it was a bit too far to come, so I’ve enquired about another striker this week.

“It’ll be on loan. He’s a good age – 24, 25 – and has got a good goalscoring record. I’ve already spoken to the club and the manager, and I think he’s available. I’ve left it with them to try to sort out whether the player wants to come.

“If he is interested, we’ll be interested and, hopefully, we can get something sorted out. I’m just waiting for comeback from the club. Hopefully, something possibly might happen before the weekend.”

“Too far to come.” Not for the first time in Argyle’s 127-year history has that phrase dropped from a manager’s lips.

“I won’t make it an excuse, but it is difficult,” said John.

“Sometimes I understand. If a player’s got a young family or he’s just got married, to be away in such a far place is sometimes difficult. I have just got to accept that. If it backfires on me, I have just got to try to get someone else.

“I’ve attracted players here already since I’ve been here: if one doesn’t go your way, you have just got to work hard to get someone in. That’s life.”

Meanwhile, striker Paul Hayes’ seven-game loan spell from Brentford expires this weekend.

“Paul’s obviously involved on Saturday,” said John. “I’ll have a chat with Paul after the game.

“He a good lad, he works really hard, and I think he has improved with each game, once he’s got to know the lads.”