Talking Tyler

JOHN Sheridan is prepared to let young striker Tyler Harvey go out on loan – and fully expects him to return an improved player for the experience.

Plymothian Tyler, 18, sprang to the Green Army’s attention a little less than a year ago, when he scored a last-minute Boxing Day equaliser against Torquay United.

Since then, John has carefully nurtured Tyler’s football education by regularly using him as a first-team substitute, and feels that the next step on the learning curve could be to loan him out.

“He is not playing enough football so I have got to think about what will be best for him,” said John.

“He’s still a young kid; he’s still learning the game. If a club came along that I thought was good for him, or if I could find him a club, and he was playing on a regular basis for four, five, six games…there’s only one thing that would happen – he’d come back a better player.

“For me, as a manager, I think it would do him the world of good to go out on loan. I’ve done it with other players and they have all come back better players.

“I like players who want to be playing on a Saturday. There’s something wrong with you if you’re not upset if you’re not playing on a Saturday.

“Tyler is an 18-year-old who is learning the game. He hit the ground running because he scored against Torquay.  I know everyone loves him round here and that’s good – it’s good that you have local lads like Youngy and Tyler. There’s nothing better for a club than to see their own home-grown players coming through.”