Knuckled Down Nelse

ARGYLE manager John Sheridan believes defender Curtis Nelson could have a glittering career.

Although only 21, Nelson has now amassed over 100 appearances for the club and is currently the club’s longest serving player.

Versatile and strong, Nelse certainly has many positive attributes and John believes that if he can hone them, he will become a top player.

John said: “He’s one of them who has to listen and learn.

“He’s got bad habits in his game but he’s one of those lads who want to improve and that’s what I like about him.

“He’s an excellent trainer, an excellent pro, he looks after himself and does all the right things.

“I think he could talk more - be a lot more vocal. As I’ve said before, good players see pictures on the pitch and see the game and if he can get that in his game then hopefully, he’ll improve even more.

“But I feel as if he’s going the right way. I keep telling him, make the game a simple as possible and if he does that then he’ll have a good career ahead of him.“