Argyle Join PL4S

THE Argyle Community Trust is set to launch the exciting Premier League 4 Sport project across Plymouth this September.

PL4S sees Premier and Football League clubs delivering a range of Olympic sports to young people across different sites around the city.

Using the excitement offootball, PL4S engages young people aged 12-25 in Olympic sports on schools sites and in community clubs with Argyle set to deliver fun boxing, athletics, hockey and netball sessions for all abilities at a site near you.

Argyle will be working in partnership with established sports clubs from across the city, meaning that high-quality coaching and exit-routes are made available for all participants.

We have already secured partnerships with Intense Boxing and Plymouth Musketeers Running Club, accessing their qualified staff and facilities.

The innovative Premier League 4 Sport (PL4S) project started in September 2009 and has helped over 27,000 young people get involved in sport in their school and local community.

PL4S has three main objectives:
- Provide chances for young people to take part in sport outside school hours
- Increase the diversity of sport
- Improve the infrastructure and supporting links between schools and clubs

PL4S sees professional football clubs acting as a hub linked to community sports facilities, which in turn are linked to local secondary schools to create satellite sports centres.

Each football club has a dedicated coordinator who works locally with the sports clubs and schools to maximise opportunities for young people.

PL4S targets those less likely to engage in sport, by delivering fun, inclusion-centred sessions across diverse communities. Each sport session, delivered by professional coaches, will cater for all abilities and interests.

The sessions will create an opportunity to have fun, make new friends, as well as help towards living a healthy, active lifestyle. Premier League 4 Sport aims to get children from all backgrounds involved in non-traditional, club-based sport.

The initiative will help the Government's ambition to offer young people five hours of sport a week, and address the drop-off in sports participation after secondary school.

PL4S manager Dwain Morgan states “To be able to offer young people across Plymouth a chance to try new sports, outside of football, is an exciting time for the Trust.

“These sessions will help us get the city healthier, as well as create better links between young people and local clubs. Each session will be focused around having fun, as well as learning skills that can be transferred in to a wide range of sports.”  

Ten different satellite sessions will be made available every week starting in October, covering a wide range of Plymouth communities.

If you are bored in the evenings and would like the opportunity to try new sports, as well as represent Argyle at national events, PL4S is for you.

To find out more detail or to book a space in a session, please contact PL4S manager, Dwain Morgan on 01752 562561, option four, or